World Mobile & IOG Bridge Digital Divide with Cardano Sidechain

• World Mobile and Input Output Global have announced a partnership to fully integrate the purpose-built World Mobile Chain using Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain.
• The Cardano (ADA) network has received a boost as the two entities will bridge a permission solution built on Cosmos‘ SDK through Cardano’s public mainnet.
• Input-Output Global recently released an update on the ongoing sidechain project which is designed to usher in a new era of scalability for blockchains.

World Mobile and Input Output Global (IOG) have recently announced a partnership to bridge the digital divide using the Cardano blockchain. The two companies have been working together for the past three years and have finally been able to fully integrate the purpose-built World Mobile Chain using Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain. This new partnership will bridge a permission solution built on Cosmos‘ SDK through Cardano’s public mainnet, resulting in a scalable interoperability network to build Web3 protocols.

The Cardano network has seen a major surge in ADA price, gaining approximately 45 percent in the past 30 days. This new development has only further added to the positive sentiment around the cryptocurrency. The sidechain project is a major milestone for the blockchain, as it is designed to usher in a new era of scalability. The project has been in the works for some time now and Input-Output Global recently released an update on the ongoing sidechain project.

Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile Group, spoke about the project and noted “World Mobile needed a permissioned sidechain to meet the requirements of a regulated telecommunications industry. Since such a solution doesn’t yet exist within the Cardano ecosystem, we decided we’d look at how we would be able to achieve this. ….”

This new partnership between World Mobile and IOG is a major step forward in Cardano’s development and will enable the blockchain to handle a larger volume of transactions. Cardano is already one of the most popular blockchains in the world and this new sidechain will only further strengthen the network. It is expected that the new sidechain will be released in the coming months, and the Cardano network will be better equipped to handle the increasing demand for blockchain-based services.

Unlock the Potential of NFTs: Create Your Own NFT Marketplace!

• NFT Marketplace is a platform where people can trade digital assets such as game characters, sports memorabilia, digital artworks, and tokenized tweets.
• To create an NFT marketplace, one should decide on the type of the platform, hire NFT developers, choose the best blockchain technology and a payment gateway, and make sure to create an effective marketing strategy.
• It is possible to make money with an NFT marketplace, as it is a profitable business venture with a high potential to grow and expand.

NFTs, which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens, are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a way to buy and sell digital assets such as cars, digital works of art, memorabilia, in-game assets, and even some historical moments. This article will discuss how to create an NFT Marketplace, how to make money with it, and how to benefit from it.

In order to create an NFT Marketplace, one should first decide on the type of the platform. This could include sports memorabilia, digital art, or real estate, or any other alternative that would make the marketplace stand out. Once the type of marketplace is chosen, the next step is to hire NFT developers. This could be done by finding a freelance programmer for small tasks, or by hiring an in-house development team or an NFT company. The company chosen should have the experience and technical skills to turn the idea into a reality.

The development process will involve choosing the best blockchain technology and a payment gateway that is appropriate for the type of marketplace. It is also important to create an effective marketing strategy in order to attract the target audience that is ready to buy. Once the platform is created and the marketing strategy is in place, it is possible to start making money with an NFT Marketplace.

There are several ways to make money with an NFT Marketplace. One way is to charge transaction fees for any digital asset sales or purchases. Another way is to charge a listing fee for any new digital asset listings. This could be a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price. Additionally, marketplaces could charge subscription fees for access to exclusive content or premium features. Advertising revenue is also possible if the marketplace has enough users and traffic.

Overall, an NFT Marketplace is a profitable business venture with a high potential to grow and expand. By creating a unique platform that stands out from the competition and implementing the right marketing strategy, it is possible to benefit from the NFT Marketplace. With the right approach, it is possible to make money and have a successful business.

Twitter Introduces Coins Feature to Help Content Creators and Diversify Earnings

• Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature called Coins where users can support content creators of their choice at a small fee.
• The feature will be powered by payment giant Stripe and will help diversify Twitter’s earnings revenue.
• Elon Musk’s social media platform has been focused on the development of new features in the past few months including paid Twitter Blue.

Twitter Inc., the $44 billion valued social media platform owned by Elon Musk, is planning to add a new feature called Coins that will allow users to support content creators of their choice at a small fee. The Coins feature will be powered by payment giant Stripe and will enable Twitter to further diversify its earnings revenue.

In the past few months, Twitter has been focused on the development of new features, with the introduction of paid Twitter Blue being its most recent addition. Even though the reception of Twitter Blue has not been overwhelming, the company is still looking to add more features in order to further engage its users. The introduction of Coins is the latest step towards this goal.

Coins will allow users to support content creators of their choice at a small fee. This will help content creators get a steady stream of income from their followers, and will help Twitter generate more revenue. Furthermore, Coins will also enable Twitter to transition to the everything app Musk envisioned before the acquisition.

In addition to Coins, Twitter has also released a new crypto feature that allows users to search for up-to-date price information. This will help users stay informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency markets and will enable them to make better investment decisions.

Overall, Twitter’s Coins feature is expected to be a huge success and will help the social media platform further engage its users. The feature will also help content creators get a steady stream of income from their followers, and will help Twitter generate more revenue. Moreover, the new crypto feature will help users stay informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency markets and will enable them to make better investment decisions.

Interchain Station Integration Gives Boost to Terra Classic (LUNC) Network

• Terra Classic (LUNC) has been successfully integrated with Interchain Station.
• The Interchain Station will enable seamless communication between various blockchains.
• The announcement was not enough to impact LUNC price.

Terra Classic (LUNC) has recently made a major breakthrough with the integration of Interchain Station. This new development is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the Web 3 industry, which includes blockchains such as Osmosis, Juno, and SEI.

The Terra LUNC network has a market capitalization of approximately $981,178,831 and a 24-hour traded volume of about $97,623,378. With the integration of Interchain Station, DeFi developers will be able to access oracle data from different chains with ease.

The integration of the Interchain Station was expected to be unveiled on the 12th of January, but due to technical delays, the project has been launched roughly 48 hours ahead of schedule. Jared, the lead developer of Terraform Labs, made the announcement on his official Twitter account. He also indicated that support teams for the Interchain Station will be set up in the coming days.

Unfortunately, the news was not enough to impact the LUNC price. According to Coingecko, the price of LUNC is down by approximately 2.6 percent in the past 24 hours and is currently trading around $0.00016310. However, it is expected that the integration of Interchain Station will have a long-term effect on LUNC’s price.

The Interchain Station is expected to bring a lot of benefits to the Web 3 industry and to the users of the Terra Classic (LUNC) network. It will be interesting to see how this integration will impact the future of the blockchain industry.

Recording, Saving, and Sharing Zoom Meetings

Zoom ist ein Videokonferenz-Tool, mit dem Sie virtuelle Meetings und Unterrichtssitzungen mit Ihren Studenten abhalten können. Die Aufzeichnungsfunktion ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihre Meetings zu speichern und sie für die Studenten freizugeben, um den Inhalt der Vorlesung oder des Klassentreffens zusätzlich zu überprüfen.

Herunterladen der Zoom Desktop App

Der Zugriff auf Zoom kann sowohl über Ihren Webbrowser als auch über die Zoom-App erfolgen, die Sie auf Ihren Computer oder Ihr Gerät herunterladen. Wir empfehlen jedoch, die Zoom-App zu verwenden, da sie über Funktionen verfügt, die in der Webbrowser-Version von Zoom nicht enthalten sind. Wenn Sie die Aufzeichnungen Ihrer Zoom-Meetings lokal auf Ihrem Computer speichern möchten, müssen Sie die Zoom-Desktop-App verwenden. Beide Versionen von Zoom können Aufzeichnungen virtuell in der Cloud speichern.

Sie können die Desktop-App von der Zoom-Website herunterladen und den Anweisungen auf Ihrem Gerät folgen, um die Installation und Einrichtung abzuschließen. Wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden, melden Sie sich mit Ihrer Miami-E-Mail-Adresse und Ihrem Passwort bei Zoom an. (Hinweis: Wenn Sie sich zum ersten Mal bei der Zoom-Desktop-App anmelden, wählen Sie „Sign In with SSO“. Geben Sie „miamioh“ in das Feld ein, klicken Sie auf „Weiter“ und schließen Sie den Anmeldevorgang wie gewohnt mit Duo ab).

Benötigen Sie Hilfe bei den ersten Schritten mit Zoom-Meetings? Erfahren Sie zunächst, wie Sie Zoom-Meetings in Canvas planen, starten und freigeben können.

Aufzeichnung von Zoom-Meetings

Als Gastgeber eines Zoom-Meetings haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihr Meeting aufzuzeichnen und diese Aufzeichnung entweder auf Ihrem Computer oder in der Cloud zu speichern. Sie können auch einen anderen Teilnehmer Ihres Meetings zum Co-Gastgeber machen, so dass auch dieser die Möglichkeit hat, das Meeting aufzuzeichnen.

Wo sollte ich meine Aufzeichnungen speichern?

Wenn Sie Ihre Aufzeichnungen in der Cloud speichern, können Sie sowohl über das in Canvas integrierte Zoom-Portal als auch über Ihr Zoom-Konto auf die Aufzeichnungen zugreifen, nachdem Sie sich bei angemeldet haben. Auf diese Weise können Sie von jedem beliebigen Gerät aus auf Ihre Aufnahmen zugreifen, sie abspielen oder herunterladen und sie in Canvas mit den Studierenden teilen, indem Sie einfach den Link posten.

Wenn Sie Ihre Aufzeichnungen auf Ihrem Computer speichern, haben Sie die .mp4-Videodatei sofort auf Ihrem Computer, ohne sie aus der Cloud herunterladen zu müssen. Um Ihre Besprechung jedoch mit den Studierenden zu teilen, müssen Sie die Videodatei auf YouTube oder in ein Speichersystem eines Drittanbieters wie Google Drive oder Kaltura hochladen und den Link dann in Canvas mit den Studierenden teilen.

So starten/beenden Sie die Aufzeichnung eines Zoom-Meetings:

Starten Sie Ihr Zoom-Meeting und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche „Aufzeichnen“, die am unteren Rand des Meeting-Fensters angezeigt wird.
Wählen Sie „Auf diesem Computer aufzeichnen“, wenn Sie eine .mp4-Datei der Aufzeichnung auf Ihrem Computer speichern möchten. Wählen Sie „In der Cloud aufzeichnen“, wenn Sie Ihre Aufzeichnung in der Zoom-Cloud speichern möchten, von der Sie Ihre Aufzeichnungen später streamen oder herunterladen können.
Schaltfläche „Aufzeichnen“ und Optionen in der Zoom-Symbolleiste

In der oberen linken Ecke Ihres Bildschirms sehen Sie einen „Aufzeichnungs“-Indikator, der Sie darüber informiert, dass das Meeting aktiv aufgezeichnet wird.
Anzeige „Aufzeichnung“ in einem Zoom-Meeting

Drücken Sie die Schaltfläche „Aufzeichnung stoppen“ (entweder in der oberen linken Ecke oder am unteren Rand des Meeting-Fensters), um die Aufzeichnung zu beenden.
Schaltfläche „Aufzeichnung anhalten/stoppen“ in Zoom

Alternativ können Sie Ihre Zoom-Meetings so einrichten, dass die Aufzeichnung automatisch beginnt, wenn Sie die Meetings starten, so dass Sie nicht daran denken müssen, die Aufzeichnungsfunktion zu aktivieren.

So zeichnen Sie ein Zoom-Meeting automatisch auf:

Melden Sie sich bei Canvas an, öffnen Sie Ihren Kurs und klicken Sie im linken Navigationsmenü auf „Zoom“ (wenn Sie diese Option nicht sehen, müssen Sie möglicherweise Zoom in den Einstellungen Ihres Kurses zu Ihrem Navigationsmenü hinzufügen).
Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Neue Besprechung planen“.
Die Zoom-Seite in einem Canvas-Kurs

Nachdem Sie Ihrem Meeting einen Namen, eine Beschreibung und ein Datum gegeben und weitere Optionen ausgefüllt haben, markieren Sie das Kästchen neben „Meeting automatisch aufzeichnen“ im Abschnitt „Meeting-Optionen“.
Nachdem Sie dieses Kästchen markiert haben, werden weitere Optionen angezeigt, mit denen Sie auswählen können, ob Sie Ihre Aufzeichnung auf Ihrem Computer oder in der Cloud speichern möchten.
Meeting-Optionen auf der Detailseite eines Zoom-Meetings in Canvas

Wenn Sie Ihr Meeting starten, sollte Zoom automatisch mit der Aufzeichnung Ihres Meetings beginnen.

Excel VBA 1004 Fehler

VBA 1004 Fehler ist ein Laufzeitfehler in VBA, die auch als anwendungsdefinierte oder objektdefinierte Fehler bekannt ist und warum ist, dass, weil wir eine begrenzte Anzahl von Spalten in Excel haben und wenn unser Code den Befehl gibt, aus dem Bereich zu gehen wir 1004 Fehler erhalten, gibt es andere Situationen, wenn wir diesen Fehler erhalten, wenn wir auf einen Bereich, der nicht in das Blatt existiert beziehen.

VBA-Fehler 1004 in Excel

Der VBA-Fehler 1004 ist ein Laufzeitfehler in VBA und tritt bei der Ausführung des Codes auf. Fehler sind ein fester Bestandteil der Codierung, besonders wenn Sie zum ersten Mal schreiben, können Sie auf viele Fehler in VBA stoßen. Das ist für jeden normal, und es ist auch nicht weiter schlimm.

Wenn Sie jedoch wissen, warum der Fehler auftritt, können Sie ihn in Zukunft vermeiden.

In diesem Artikel werden wir einen der wichtigsten Excel-Fehler „VBA 1004 Error“ besprechen.

Top 5 Excel VBA 1004 Laufzeit-Fehler

#Nr. 1 – VBA-Laufzeitfehler 1004: Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben. Versuchen Sie einen anderen:
Dieser Fehler tritt beim Umbenennen des Arbeitsblatts auf.

Wenn der Name des Arbeitsblatts bereits existiert und Sie versuchen, denselben Namen einem anderen Blatt zuzuweisen, gibt VBA den Laufzeitfehler 1004 aus, der besagt: „Der Name ist bereits vergeben. Versuchen Sie einen anderen.“

Sehen Sie sich zum Beispiel den folgenden Code an.


Sub Error1004_Example()

Worksheets(„Sheet2“).Name = „Sheet1“

End Sub
VBA 1004 Fehler Beispiel 1
Ich versuche, das Blatt 2 als Blatt 1 umzubenennen. Aber ich habe bereits ein Blatt mit dem Namen „Sheet1“.

VBA 1004 Fehler Beispiel 1-2
Wenn ich diesen Code mit der Taste F5 oder manuell ausführe, erhalte ich den Laufzeitfehler 1004: Dieser Name ist bereits vergeben. Versuchen Sie einen anderen.

Versuchen Sie also, das Blatt entsprechend umzubenennen.

#Nr. 2 – VBA Laufzeitfehler 1004: Methode „Bereich“ des Objekts _ Global ist fehlgeschlagen:

Dies tritt normalerweise auf, wenn wir versuchen, auf den benannten Bereich in Excel zuzugreifen
zuzugreifen, der einen Schreibfehler enthält oder der in dem Arbeitsblatt, auf das Sie sich beziehen, gar nicht existiert.

In diesem Fall habe ich den Zellbereich als „Überschriften“ benannt, wie in der folgenden Abbildung gezeigt.

VBA 1004 Fehler Beispiel 2
Jetzt kann ich mit dem Range-Objekt auf diesen Bereich zugreifen.


Sub Error1004_Example()


End Sub

Wenn Sie diesen Code durch Drücken der Taste F5 ausführen, wählt dieser Code den genannten Bereich aus.

Wenn ich jedoch den benannten Bereich falsch angebe, wird der Laufzeitfehler 1004 angezeigt: Methode „Range“ des Objekts ‚_ Global‘ ist fehlgeschlagen.


Sub Error1004_Example()


End Sub

Führen Sie diesen Code manuell oder mit der Taste F5 aus und sehen Sie sich das Ergebnis an.

VBA 1004 Fehler Beispiel 2-4
# Nr. 3 – VBA-Laufzeitfehler 1004: Select Method of Range class fehlgeschlagen:
Dieser Fehler tritt in der Regel auf, wenn versucht wird, andere Zellen als das aktive Blatt auszuwählen, ohne das Blatt auszuwählen oder aktiv zu machen.

Sehen Sie sich zum Beispiel den folgenden Code an.


Sub Error1004_Example()


End Sub

Der obige Code sagt, dass die Zellen A1 bis A5 im Arbeitsblatt „Sheet1“ ausgewählt werden sollen. Zum Experimentieren ist mein derzeit aktives Blatt „Blatt2“, nicht „Blatt1“.

Ich werde diesen Code mit der Taste F5 oder manuell ausführen, um zu sehen, was passiert.

Wir haben Laufzeitfehler 1004: Die Select-Methode der Range-Klasse ist fehlgeschlagen. Dies liegt daran, dass wir versuchen, die Zellen des Blattes auszuwählen, ohne das Blatt zu aktivieren. Wir müssen also zuerst das Blatt aktivieren, bevor wir die Zellen auswählen. Nachfolgend finden Sie den richtigen Code.

#Nr. 4 – VBA-Laufzeitfehler 1004 Methode open of object workbooks ist fehlgeschlagen:

Dies tritt in der Regel auf, wenn Sie versuchen, die Arbeitsmappe zu öffnen, die den gleichen Namen hat wie die andere Arbeitsmappe, die bereits geöffnet ist.

Sehen Sie sich zum Beispiel den folgenden Code an.


Sub Error1004_Example()

Dim wb As Arbeitsmappe
Set wb = Workbooks.Open(„Dateiname.xls“, ReadOnly:=True, CorruptLoad:=xlExtractData)

End Sub

Dies führt zu der unten stehenden Fehlermeldung.

#Nr. 5 – VBA-Laufzeitfehler 1004 Methode Sorry We couldn’t find:
Dieser Fehler tritt auf, wenn Sie versuchen, eine Datei zu öffnen, die im angegebenen Pfad nicht vorhanden ist. Die Datei könnte verschoben, umbenannt oder aus dem angegebenen Pfad gelöscht worden sein. Einer der Gründe dafür ist der falsche Typ des Pfades oder des Dateinamens mit der Erweiterung excel.

Schauen Sie sich nun den folgenden Code an.


Sub Error1004_Example()

Workbooks.Open Dateiname:=“E:Excel FilesInfographicsABC.xlsx“

End Sub

Dieser Code besagt, dass die Datei „ABC.xlsx“ im angegebenen Ordnerpfad geöffnet werden soll.

Ich weiß jedoch, dass sich im genannten Ordnerpfad keine Datei befindet. Wenn in dem genannten Ordner keine Datei vorhanden ist, wird die Methode Runtime Error 1004 angezeigt. Es tut uns leid, und wir konnten sie nicht finden.


Bitcoin price: when will the 60,000 USD come?

Bitcoin price „absolutely bullish“: When will the 60,000 USD come?

It’s not there yet, the US$60,000. But the overall situation remains „superbullish“. Market update.

The bitcoin price has not yet sustainably conquered the 60,000 US dollar mark. Nevertheless, there is still no reason for the bulls to throw in the towel. At least if professional trader Robert Rother has his way. On our Youtube channel, Robert meets every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the short-term development of the Bitcoin price. Robert mainly analyses the volumes at which Bitcoin Trader individual prices are traded. So-called points of control (POC) can be derived from the volume profile of a chart. These are price markers at which the most BTC changed hands. These points of control often mark important support and resistance areas that the bitcoin price works its way through. Currently, the US$60,000 mark forms strong resistance, which is also reflected as a POC.

Bitcoin price „absolutely bullish“

In this context, the chances are good that the „60k“ will soon be tackled again. This is indicated by the development of the OBV indicator. The OBV is calculated from the total volume of a trading day. If Bitcoin has closed higher than the previous day, the volume increases. If the opposite is the case, volume is assumed to have fallen. The sum of positive and negative volume finally forms the OBV line. For Bitcoin, the OBV has only known one direction since mid-January: up. Robert’s conclusion on the OBV: „Everything is absoultly bullish at the moment“.

Deutsche Bank publishes Bitcoin report

„First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win“ – this bon mot of a US trade unionist, wrongly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, often makes the rounds in the crypto space when it comes to describing the attitude of (central) banks towards digital gold. Deutsche Bank is now somewhere between „laughing“ and „fighting“ in this scheme. Because the penny – or rather the satoshi – has dropped at Germany’s largest financial institution that Bitcoin can no longer be ignored.

Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market capitalisation makes it too important to ignore. Major players buying and selling Bitcoins have considerable market-influencing power. As long as asset managers and corporations continue to enter the market, Bitcoin prices could continue to rise.

What Deutsche Bank thinks of the intrinsic value of Bitcoins is already reflected in the title of the paper: „Bitcoins: Can the Tinkerbell effect become a self-fulfilling prophecy? The Tinkerbell effect describes when something only seems to exist because there are people who believe it exists. The Tinkerbell effect is named after the fairy of the same name from Peter Pan.

Projeto de Lei para Isentar a Cripto das Leis

Projeto de Lei para Isentar a Cripto das Leis de Títulos Reintroduzido no Congresso

Warren Davidson apresentou a versão 3.0 da Token Taxonomy Act, que ele patrocinou anteriormente em 2018 e 2019.

  • Warren Davidson está patrocinando o projeto de lei.
  • Nenhuma alteração foi feita em relação à versão anterior.

A terceira vez é um encanto?

O representante Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) reintroduziu o Token Taxonomy Act, um projeto de lei que tornaria certos tokens de moedas criptográficas e outros ativos digitais isentos das leis de títulos dos EUA.

Isto representa a terceira tentativa do congressista de Ohio de fazer com que a Câmara dos Deputados assumisse a questão. Ele a apresentou no final de 2018, no final de uma sessão legislativa, antes de Crypto Genius reintroduzi-la com pequenos ajustes em 2019. A legislação nunca foi agendada para uma votação na Câmara.

Obrigado a @RepDarrenSoto, @RepJoshG, @RepTedBudd, & @RepScottPerry por co-patrocinar meu #TokenTaxonomyAct. É hora do Congresso dar a esta indústria emergente a clareza necessária para continuar mudando o mundo com #blockchain.

– Warren Davidson (@WarrenDavidson) 10 de março de 2021

H.R. 1628 „alteraria o Securities Act de 1933 e o Securities Exchange Act de 1934 para excluir os tokens digitais da definição de um título“.

Também tornaria as transferências criptográficas isentas de impostos e alteraria a estrutura fiscal para moedas criptográficas mantidas em uma conta de aposentadoria individual.

O congressista Darren Soto (D-Florida), um dos co-patrocinadores do projeto de lei bipartidário, disse que „acrescentaria definição crítica e jurisdição para criar certeza para um forte mercado de ativos digitais nos Estados Unidos“.

EulerBeats o #1 Art + music on-chain NFT lançará o Enigma LP em março. Os proprietários das fichas originais recebem um royalty por cada impressão vendida. Cada estampa será emitida em uma curva de colagem que alimenta uma reserva para fornecer liquidez instantânea aos detentores das estampas.

Junto com Decrypt

De acordo com um comunicado de imprensa do escritório do Deputado Davidson, pode ser agora ou nunca estabelecer uma estrutura regulatória para a moeda criptográfica nos EUA, algo que os atores da indústria têm repetidamente dito que está faltando.

No entanto, o projeto de lei em si, embora endossado pela não-partidária Blockchain Association, poderia produzir o tipo errado de clareza regulatória, de acordo com alguns. Uma definição federal de um símbolo digital poderia encontrar oposição de estados que criaram suas próprias regras em torno de títulos de moeda criptográfica, como o Wyoming.

O projeto de lei federal para isentar os tokens digitais das leis de títulos recebe um novo visual, e uma nota baixa

Afinal, o Congresso dos Estados Unidos vai ter sua chance de resolver a „incerteza regulatória“ do criptograma. Segurem seus aplausos; isso não é necessariamente uma coisa boa. Na terça-feira, o congressista Warren Davidso…

Além disso, de acordo com Gabriel Shapiro, advogado especializado em títulos, seria muito difícil para os Estados regular „qualquer aspecto da venda de fichas digitais que não seja uma fraude total“.

„Chamar isso de um insulto aos direitos dos estados seria colocar isso de forma muito branda“, disse ele ao Decrypt em 2019. A legislação não foi revisada desde então.

O projeto de lei foi encaminhado ao Comitê de Serviços Financeiros da Câmara e ao Comitê de Meios e Procedimentos da Câmara.

Brave, the unstoppable browser is about to integrate DeFi

DeFi, the new game of crypto apps – The Brave crypto-browser has just passed the 25 million user mark and does not intend to stop there. With the announcement of its V2, the navigator sees the big picture and sets out to attack DeFi.

25 million users

Launched in November 2019, the Brave browser aims to revolutionize the way the internet is financed by reviewing the distribution of advertising revenue .

In practice, this means that a Brave user is no longer just the target of ads. The latter becomes an integral actor, by recovering a share of advertising revenue. In other words, Brave pays users when they search .

A formula would seem winning, which continues to convert new followers. In addition, thanks to all its efforts, the browser has just passed the mark of 25 million monthly users .

A more innovative version 2

With these 25 million users, Brave does not intend to stop here.

Last week, Brave actually unveiled its new roadmap and the various features that will be present in version 2.

Evolution of the Brave Wallet

Initially, V2 will introduce various modifications relating to the wallet integrated into the browser, the “Brave Wallet” .

It will be completely redesigned, both in terms of its interface and its internal mechanics.

This update will also introduce the ability to buy cryptocurrency directly from its Brave wallet, via card or bank transfer.

In addition, the Brave Wallet will pay transaction fees , Ethereum thanks to the BAT generated by the user. A news that will delight the Ethereum community, no doubt tired of the exorbitant fees encountered on the network.

No one seems to be able to cut it. Brave will also get into DeFi time.

Thus, browser V2 should introduce its own decentralized exchange aggregator , as Metamask was able to do a few months ago.

This will have various advantages, such as:

Discounts when using BAT for the payment of transaction fees;
Discounts for users who have BAT balances in their wallet;
Support for multiple chains with many assets and block chains.
Finally, Brave announces that it is exploring second layer solutions to facilitate access to DeFi.

Either way, these new tools will only improve the user experience. Unfortunately, as no date has been announced, we will have to stay on the lookout throughout 2021 to not miss a thing.

Ripple (XRP): companies and cryptocurrency finally finished?

Few cryptocurrencies polarize as strongly as XRP. The cryptocurrency, issued by Ripple Labs, divides the crypto community. The fact that the American securities regulator SEC is now charging the company with a lawsuit raises the question of the legitimacy of the company and its cryptocurrency more than ever. XRP investors in particular are wondering whether the cryptocurrency, which is often referred to as “Bankencoin”, can still have a future. An assessment.

For quite a few crypto enthusiasts who value decentralization, XRP was and is a highly centralized project. Some critics even describe Ripple Labs – including its crypto currency – as a scam . The fact that the degree of centralization is very high cannot be dismissed out of hand. Around two thirds of all XRPs are tied to Ripple Labs and its boards.

What happens on the blockchain and in Ripple’s transactions is therefore in the hands of a few people and their personal interests

Already in an earlier investigation by BitMEX research team we came to the resultthat XRP is not comparable to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The supposedly decentralized consensus mechanism with its nodes effectively depends on the servers.

The US securities regulator SEC now indicted Ripple Labs on December 22ndbecause XRP is a security that has been issued without authorization. If the SEC lawsuit is successful, Ripple Labs and the two board members, Christian Larson and Brad Garlinghouse, would have to answer to the court for an unauthorized IPO amounting to $ 1.3 billion.

Here, too, the starting point is the high degree of centralization of XRP, which, according to the SEC’s classification, contributes significantly to its classification as a security. While Bitcoin or Ether, for example, do not fall under the American Securities Act due to their decentralized design.

How serious are the charges against Ripple Labs?

To put it unequivocally: The situation is more than serious for Ripple Labs, as well as the aforementioned board members and the price value of XRP. The SEC has been targeting Ripple Labs since the XRP issue in 2013. The current indictment is well prepared. It is absolutely safe to assume that the SEC knows very well what it is doing and how likely it is that it will get away with its charges. That XRP representatives are there, a petition Submitting it to the White House is unlikely to change that much.

This can also be seen in the less objective attempts at explanationby Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who suspects a campaign against him and his company. He warns that taking action against Ripple Labs would be downright anti-American and would benefit China. However, the combative rhetoric is unlikely to impress the SEC. Even in the unlikely event that Ripple Labs and the board members get away with a black eye, the damage is enormous.

No stock market, no liquidity, no investors

In view of the accusation that XRP is a security (security) under American law, the crypto exchanges are also reacting. More and more of them enter the delisting of XRP known . Including the largest and most important ones such as Coinbase, Binance US or Bittrex. After all, they are not licensed to list securities.

Even if the necessity of delisting only affects American jurisdiction, strictly speaking, the impact is still existential. The value of a cryptocurrency that can only be used in some regions is massively jeopardized in view of the business case of XRP – enabling international payments. In addition, decisions by the SEC send a strong international signal.

In the course of the delistings, the liquidation of XRP is likely to increase further. The hope for the high institutional sums of money that are currently causing the price fireworks for Bitcoin is now off the table. Investment companies are also likely to refrain from traditionally securitized XRP financial products such as funds or certificates for the time being.