Vertcoin – advantages and disadvantages

Vertcoin already belongs to the old hands on the crypto market. Some see it as a better alternative to Bitcoin, as it serves the same purpose, with a few improvements. The crypto currency didn’t want to be anything else. Even if it can’t knock Bitcoin off the throne, the coin is still firmly established and is traded actively. The price has held up well so far. The faster block time and the much easier Vertcoin Mining are certainly an advantage, which has them ahead of the Bitcoin.

According to the current status of, the crypto currency does not belong to the TOP 100 in terms of market capitalization. There is certainly still a lot of catching up to do here. On the other hand, this makes the purchase of the coin much cheaper.

Vertcoin Price – Development – Forecast of the Ethereum code

The Ethereum code has been on the market since 2014. In January, the VTC coin was quoted at 0.50 €. Immediately afterwards the Vertcoin price rose steeply and exceeded values of € 2 per coin. Within a few days the coin was worth € 4. However, this short hype did not last long, in the first half of 2014 the price dropped continuously to below 1 €. At the turn of the year, the crypto currency was quoted at 0.02 €. Read more about it: Is Ethereum Code a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First

In June 2015 there was another short run on the coin and the price rose to 0,29 €. Afterwards it fluctuated between 0,03 € and 0,01 €. In 2016 the price looked better again. Here it mostly stayed above 0,03 € and could also reach values of 0,06 €. It behaved similarly in the first months of 2017.

June 2017, the share price was able to reach values of just under € 0.90. In the following summer months, the price fluctuated between € 0.30 and € 0.40. The share price was trading at a low of € 0.90 in the first months of 2017. In September it went up again, at times the coin managed more than € 1. This trend continued, with more than € 2 in October, more than € 4 in November and more than € 8 in December. In 2018 the rally was over, during the course of the year the price fell to about 2 €.

Forecast: Despite the exchange rate losses in the new year, the crypto currency is still holding up better than in the first half of the previous year and much better than in previous years. There was a run on the crypto currencies in December/January, but the Vertcoin exchange rate had already risen earlier. It is quite conceivable that in the future the VTC coin will continue to rise in value and not necessarily depend on the hype.

Create Wallet

The Core Wallet can be downloaded as Vertcoin Wallet from the website of the developers. This wallet is also needed for Vertcoin Mining. The wallet is available for several operating systems, be it Windows, Mac or different Linux versions. The execution file should be easy to download and install if you just follow the instructions. If you only want to hold coins, you can also use the Electrum Vertcoin Wallet.

Where can I buy the Vertcoin?
There are a lot of exchanges where you can buy Vertcoin. These include Upbit, Bittrex, CoinEgg, Poloniex, Coinroom, LiteBit, YoBit, Bleutrade, CryptoBridge, SouthXchange, NLexch and Bit-Z.

By the simple mining and the immunity against ASIC Vertcoin seems really made for the simple man. With SegWit and the Lightning Network a few groundbreaking technologies are to follow, so that the crypto currency is ready for the future.

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