24. September 2023

Big Eyes Coin, Lido DAO, and TRON: Crypto’s Bearish Momentum Reversed!

• Big Eyes Coin is the emerging meme coin of 2023, with its presale surpassing $27.2 million and launch date around the corner.
• Ethereum and Bitcoin have shown positive signs amidst bearish crypto market momentum, with global crypto market capitalization settling around $1.03 trillion.
• Tron (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain network with digital platform to promote entertainment content efficiently, gaining spotlight in the latter half of February.

Crypto Market Momentum

The second half of February brought in some winds of relief amidst the bearish momentum of the crypto market. At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin (BTC) clocked gains of around 2% and was trading at $22,267 while its crypto counterpart, Ethereum, hovered around the $1,550 mark. Overall, the global crypto market capitalization settled around $1.03 trillion, a rise from the previous few days.

Big Eyes Coin

Among the altcoins in green was Big Eyes Coin – an emerging meme coin based on Ethereum that has surpassed expectations for being a standout in a saturated market of meme coins. Its presale just surpassed $27.2 million and investors are eyeing this promising crypto for its De-Fi functionalities along with real-world utilities. To celebrate this feat an exclusive 200% grant is available at checkout until February 20th using promo code LAUNCHBIGEYES200. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin has partnered with Stray to give away FIVE exclusive PlayStation 5’s plus game access as part of their cat-crazy community giveaway – check out their Twitter account for T&Cs!

Lido DAO

Another altcoin showing growth was Lido DAO – a decentralized ecosystem built on Ethereum which provides users access to DeFi services such as staking and yield farming all within one interface so users don’t need to switch between different apps or platforms to access these services – providing them with an easy one stop shop service! This innovative idea has proved popular among investors looking for easy ways to take advantage of DeFi services without having to do too much research or effort into what each service provides or how it works!


Tron (TRX) is a decentralised blockchain network with an independent digital platform created with the aim of promoting decentralised entertainment content sharing efficiently . Founded in 2017 by Tron Foundation , Tron took center stage with its gains evident in late February . TRX ,the digital currency from Tron ,clocked gains up 1 % by late afternoon trading at 0 . 0220 USD per token .


Despite bearish sentiment across most markets ,crypto assets have shown resilience and even grown over certain periods throughout early 2021 . The aforementioned assets are just some examples that continue to show promise despite difficult times but investors should always do their due diligence before investing any funds !