24. September 2023

Binance NFT Marketplace Now Supports Polygon Network, Expands NFT Ecosystem

• Binance NFT Marketplace has integrated with the Polygon Network in order to expand its NFT ecosystem.
• The integration allows users to buy, deposit, withdraw, and list NFTs from the Polygon blockchain onto the Binance NFT marketplace.
• Binance is taking a strict approach towards listing of NFTS by delisting those that have daily trading volumes less than $1,000 and limiting the total number of NFTS that artists can mint per day.

Binance Integrates With Polygon Network

Crypto exchange Binance’s non-fungible tokens (NFT) wing – Binance NFT – announced that it has added support for the Polygon blockchain. Thus Polygon will be one more among the many blockchains supported by the Binance NFT marketplace.

Features Of Integration

With this latest integration, users of the Binance NFT marketplace will be able to trade NFTs on several different blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain, just through their Binance accounts. They can buy, deposit, withdraws, as well as list NFTs from the Polygon blockchain onto the Binance NFT marketplace. Furthermore, by holding MATIC in their spot wallets users can trade NFTs directly on the platform.

AI Powered Tool For Generating Unique Images

Bicasso is an AI powered tool launched by binance which helps users to type creative prompts and generate unique images as Non Fungible Tokens (NTFS). This tool has helped many artists and creators to build digital items for use within games or virtual worlds or even for selling artwork online as an investment asset class .

Strict Approach To Listing NFTS

When it comes to listing NFTS on its platform ,binance is taking a strict approach . It recently tightened its rules on listing NFTS by delisting those which have daily trading volumes less than 1000$ and limiting total number of NFTS artist can mint per day .


Binace’s integration with polyon network further elevates its already popular multi-chain open market ecosystem , allowing user to explore wider variety of NFTS across multiple blockchains including ETH network ,BNB smart chain and MATIC network from their Binace accounts . This move along with AI powered tool BiCasso will help enhance creativity while using new technologies like blockchain & cryptocurrency in art world .