24. September 2023

Bitcoin debuted on Netflix in the fifth season of the Billions series

Bitcoin, crypto currencies and everything related to the crypto ecosystem take place in the entertainment industry. That’s how Bitcoin debuted on Netflix, in the original „Billions“ series. In which Bitcoin made a big appearance in the first episode of the fifth season.

The new season, based on the life of former New York City District Attorney Preet Bharara, began with a plot that revolved around a group of cryptominters operating an illegal Bitcoin farm (BTC). The first episode began with a raid on a Bitcoin mining operation.

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Entangled to a Bitcoin mining farm in the first chapter
In the first chapter of the new season where closing a trade on Bitcoin Circuitzilliqa on Bitcoin Evolutionsell bitcoin on The News Spymake money copying on Bitcoin Codecan i short bitcoin on Bitcoin Billionairemake money with Bitcoin TraderBitcoin Profit what is bitcoin cashclose a trade on Immediate Edgeada Bitcoin Revolution newssend bitcoin Bitcoin Era app debuted on Netflix, New York Attorney General Chuck Rhoades questions the leader of a recently dismantled illegal BTC mining farm.

A mining farm with hundreds of ASICs could be seen, plus Axelrod receiving funds from his right hand in „crypto“ using a cold purse very similar to a Ledger.

The scene takes place in a U.S. police interrogation room, where Chuck Rhoades and his ally in the operation, Miss Socker, are located. Together they are interrogating two engineers who were arrested in an operation by the U.S. police.

In the episode, Chuck shows the defendants some graphs that reflect the amount of voltage in a Bitcoin mining deposit. Interestingly, the figure was equivalent to the power usage of a building with at least 120 apartments.

He also pointed out that the mining operation would have left the entire city without electricity because of the high energy consumption. Derived from the use of computers and servers. That’s not counting all the tax that citizens would have paid for such consumption because of them.

Chuck claimed in the scene of this first chapter of the new season of the series that BTC was worthless

Image taken from the first chapter of the fifth season of Billions.
Image extracted from the first chapter of the 5th season of Billions.
Bitcoin consumes more energy than entire countries
„BTC is worthless.“

„So your multitude of computers and servers could solve some abstract mathematical equations that result in Bitcoin mining? It’s worth millions right now, wow! But it’s backed up by what? Nothing.“ Chuck Rhoades, character in the series Billions.

Also, the character in the series Chuck Rhoades, said that the cryptomoney was worth millions right now, however, he was emphatic that it is not backed up.

The engineers accused of illegal mining at Bitcoin responded with a simple question, which some real-life experts share. „What has supported the US dollar since the gold standard was abandoned?“

In this regard, Prosecutor Chuck argued that the dollar is backed by the railroads, the military, American industry. However, he evaded the rest of the debate by claiming that they were not there to discuss monetary theory and that they had information working for a Wall Street consortium.

Beyond the exchange itself, the emergence of this discussion in the series is a further illustration of how expectations around Bitcoin have been gaining ground outside the environment of cryptology enthusiasts.

One of those who mentioned the episode was Changpeng Zhao, the general director of Binance, who broadcast the scene on his official Twitter account with the hashtag #Adoption.