DeFi, the new game of crypto apps – The Brave crypto-browser has just passed the 25 million user mark and does not intend to stop there. With the announcement of its V2, the navigator sees the big picture and sets out to attack DeFi.

25 million users

Launched in November 2019, the Brave browser aims to revolutionize the way the internet is financed by reviewing the distribution of advertising revenue .

In practice, this means that a Brave user is no longer just the target of ads. The latter becomes an integral actor, by recovering a share of advertising revenue. In other words, Brave pays users when they search .

A formula would seem winning, which continues to convert new followers. In addition, thanks to all its efforts, the browser has just passed the mark of 25 million monthly users .

A more innovative version 2

With these 25 million users, Brave does not intend to stop here.

Last week, Brave actually unveiled its new roadmap and the various features that will be present in version 2.

Evolution of the Brave Wallet

Initially, V2 will introduce various modifications relating to the wallet integrated into the browser, the “Brave Wallet” .

It will be completely redesigned, both in terms of its interface and its internal mechanics.

This update will also introduce the ability to buy cryptocurrency directly from its Brave wallet, via card or bank transfer.

In addition, the Brave Wallet will pay transaction fees , Ethereum thanks to the BAT generated by the user. A news that will delight the Ethereum community, no doubt tired of the exorbitant fees encountered on the network.

No one seems to be able to cut it. Brave will also get into DeFi time.

Thus, browser V2 should introduce its own decentralized exchange aggregator , as Metamask was able to do a few months ago.

This will have various advantages, such as:

Discounts when using BAT for the payment of transaction fees;
Discounts for users who have BAT balances in their wallet;
Support for multiple chains with many assets and block chains.
Finally, Brave announces that it is exploring second layer solutions to facilitate access to DeFi.

Either way, these new tools will only improve the user experience. Unfortunately, as no date has been announced, we will have to stay on the lookout throughout 2021 to not miss a thing.