Bitcoin price: when will the 60,000 USD come?

Bitcoin price „absolutely bullish“: When will the 60,000 USD come?

It’s not there yet, the US$60,000. But the overall situation remains „superbullish“. Market update.

The bitcoin price has not yet sustainably conquered the 60,000 US dollar mark. Nevertheless, there is still no reason for the bulls to throw in the towel. At least if professional trader Robert Rother has his way. On our Youtube channel, Robert meets every Tuesday and Thursday to discuss the short-term development of the Bitcoin price. Robert mainly analyses the volumes at which Bitcoin Trader individual prices are traded. So-called points of control (POC) can be derived from the volume profile of a chart. These are price markers at which the most BTC changed hands. These points of control often mark important support and resistance areas that the bitcoin price works its way through. Currently, the US$60,000 mark forms strong resistance, which is also reflected as a POC.

Bitcoin price „absolutely bullish“

In this context, the chances are good that the „60k“ will soon be tackled again. This is indicated by the development of the OBV indicator. The OBV is calculated from the total volume of a trading day. If Bitcoin has closed higher than the previous day, the volume increases. If the opposite is the case, volume is assumed to have fallen. The sum of positive and negative volume finally forms the OBV line. For Bitcoin, the OBV has only known one direction since mid-January: up. Robert’s conclusion on the OBV: „Everything is absoultly bullish at the moment“.

Deutsche Bank publishes Bitcoin report

„First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win“ – this bon mot of a US trade unionist, wrongly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, often makes the rounds in the crypto space when it comes to describing the attitude of (central) banks towards digital gold. Deutsche Bank is now somewhere between „laughing“ and „fighting“ in this scheme. Because the penny – or rather the satoshi – has dropped at Germany’s largest financial institution that Bitcoin can no longer be ignored.

Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market capitalisation makes it too important to ignore. Major players buying and selling Bitcoins have considerable market-influencing power. As long as asset managers and corporations continue to enter the market, Bitcoin prices could continue to rise.

What Deutsche Bank thinks of the intrinsic value of Bitcoins is already reflected in the title of the paper: „Bitcoins: Can the Tinkerbell effect become a self-fulfilling prophecy? The Tinkerbell effect describes when something only seems to exist because there are people who believe it exists. The Tinkerbell effect is named after the fairy of the same name from Peter Pan.

Brave, the unstoppable browser is about to integrate DeFi

DeFi, the new game of crypto apps – The Brave crypto-browser has just passed the 25 million user mark and does not intend to stop there. With the announcement of its V2, the navigator sees the big picture and sets out to attack DeFi.

25 million users

Launched in November 2019, the Brave browser aims to revolutionize the way the internet is financed by reviewing the distribution of advertising revenue .

In practice, this means that a Brave user is no longer just the target of ads. The latter becomes an integral actor, by recovering a share of advertising revenue. In other words, Brave pays users when they search .

A formula would seem winning, which continues to convert new followers. In addition, thanks to all its efforts, the browser has just passed the mark of 25 million monthly users .

A more innovative version 2

With these 25 million users, Brave does not intend to stop here.

Last week, Brave actually unveiled its new roadmap and the various features that will be present in version 2.

Evolution of the Brave Wallet

Initially, V2 will introduce various modifications relating to the wallet integrated into the browser, the “Brave Wallet” .

It will be completely redesigned, both in terms of its interface and its internal mechanics.

This update will also introduce the ability to buy cryptocurrency directly from its Brave wallet, via card or bank transfer.

In addition, the Brave Wallet will pay transaction fees , Ethereum thanks to the BAT generated by the user. A news that will delight the Ethereum community, no doubt tired of the exorbitant fees encountered on the network.

No one seems to be able to cut it. Brave will also get into DeFi time.

Thus, browser V2 should introduce its own decentralized exchange aggregator , as Metamask was able to do a few months ago.

This will have various advantages, such as:

Discounts when using BAT for the payment of transaction fees;
Discounts for users who have BAT balances in their wallet;
Support for multiple chains with many assets and block chains.
Finally, Brave announces that it is exploring second layer solutions to facilitate access to DeFi.

Either way, these new tools will only improve the user experience. Unfortunately, as no date has been announced, we will have to stay on the lookout throughout 2021 to not miss a thing.

Ripple (XRP): companies and cryptocurrency finally finished?

Few cryptocurrencies polarize as strongly as XRP. The cryptocurrency, issued by Ripple Labs, divides the crypto community. The fact that the American securities regulator SEC is now charging the company with a lawsuit raises the question of the legitimacy of the company and its cryptocurrency more than ever. XRP investors in particular are wondering whether the cryptocurrency, which is often referred to as “Bankencoin”, can still have a future. An assessment.

For quite a few crypto enthusiasts who value decentralization, XRP was and is a highly centralized project. Some critics even describe Ripple Labs – including its crypto currency – as a scam . The fact that the degree of centralization is very high cannot be dismissed out of hand. Around two thirds of all XRPs are tied to Ripple Labs and its boards.

What happens on the blockchain and in Ripple’s transactions is therefore in the hands of a few people and their personal interests

Already in an earlier investigation by BitMEX research team we came to the resultthat XRP is not comparable to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The supposedly decentralized consensus mechanism with its nodes effectively depends on the servers.

The US securities regulator SEC now indicted Ripple Labs on December 22ndbecause XRP is a security that has been issued without authorization. If the SEC lawsuit is successful, Ripple Labs and the two board members, Christian Larson and Brad Garlinghouse, would have to answer to the court for an unauthorized IPO amounting to $ 1.3 billion.

Here, too, the starting point is the high degree of centralization of XRP, which, according to the SEC’s classification, contributes significantly to its classification as a security. While Bitcoin or Ether, for example, do not fall under the American Securities Act due to their decentralized design.

How serious are the charges against Ripple Labs?

To put it unequivocally: The situation is more than serious for Ripple Labs, as well as the aforementioned board members and the price value of XRP. The SEC has been targeting Ripple Labs since the XRP issue in 2013. The current indictment is well prepared. It is absolutely safe to assume that the SEC knows very well what it is doing and how likely it is that it will get away with its charges. That XRP representatives are there, a petition Submitting it to the White House is unlikely to change that much.

This can also be seen in the less objective attempts at explanationby Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who suspects a campaign against him and his company. He warns that taking action against Ripple Labs would be downright anti-American and would benefit China. However, the combative rhetoric is unlikely to impress the SEC. Even in the unlikely event that Ripple Labs and the board members get away with a black eye, the damage is enormous.

No stock market, no liquidity, no investors

In view of the accusation that XRP is a security (security) under American law, the crypto exchanges are also reacting. More and more of them enter the delisting of XRP known . Including the largest and most important ones such as Coinbase, Binance US or Bittrex. After all, they are not licensed to list securities.

Even if the necessity of delisting only affects American jurisdiction, strictly speaking, the impact is still existential. The value of a cryptocurrency that can only be used in some regions is massively jeopardized in view of the business case of XRP – enabling international payments. In addition, decisions by the SEC send a strong international signal.

In the course of the delistings, the liquidation of XRP is likely to increase further. The hope for the high institutional sums of money that are currently causing the price fireworks for Bitcoin is now off the table. Investment companies are also likely to refrain from traditionally securitized XRP financial products such as funds or certificates for the time being.

Quase 10 trilhões de dólares assentados na cadeia Bitcoin Blockchain desde 2009

Bitcoin está prestes a cruzar um marco importante após uma década de progresso, com um volume total de transferência prestes a ultrapassar 10 trilhões de dólares.

  • A análise do volume histórico da Bitcoin mostra que quase 10 trilhões de dólares de volume de transferência foram liquidados na cadeia de bloqueio da Bitcoin.
  • Existem agora mais de 1 milhão de endereços BTC ativos, de apenas 50.000 em 2013.
  • O volume de transferência de Bitcoin mais do que dobrou desde 2017.

Mas a Bitcoin ainda está muito à frente em termos

A DeFi e a Ethereum recebem a maior parte das atenções hoje em dia quando se trata de mudar o cenário financeiro global, mas a Bitcoin ainda está muito à frente em termos de quanta riqueza está realmente sendo transferida.

A moeda criptográfica original, que passou o último mês quebrando recordes de preços, está se aproximando de outro marco histórico: Mais de 10 trilhões de dólares em valor mudou de mãos na cadeia de bloqueio Bitcoin desde seu lançamento em 2009, de acordo com a análise dos dados Glassnode feita por Yassine Elmandjra da ARK Invest.

O aumento do volume de transferência do Bitcoin tem sido alimentado por pelo menos dois fatores principais. O primeiro é o enorme aumento no preço da BTC desde 2013, quando havia cerca de 50.000 endereços Bitcoin ativos e o preço de final de ano era de cerca de US$ 790.

Isso torna muito mais fácil para aqueles que possuem até mesmo alguns BTC ajudar a aumentar o volume total de transferência, para não falar daqueles que transferem centenas ou milhares de moedas de uma só vez.

O segundo fator tem sido o aumento gradual do volume comercial trazido à medida que mais e mais usuários aprenderam sobre Bitcoin e entraram na ação. Desde 2013, o número de endereços Bitcoin ativos aumentou de cerca de 50.000 para aproximadamente 1 milhão, um aumento de 20x, de acordo com o fornecedor de dados da cadeia de bloqueio Coin Metrics. Todos esses novos participantes estão comprando, vendendo, e talvez até comercializando Bitcoin, o que significa um aumento do volume total de transações.

O volume total de transferência recebeu um impulso com a corrida de touro em 2017

O volume total de transferência recebeu um impulso com a corrida de touro em 2017, aumentando quase 2 trilhões de dólares em menos de um ano. Desde então, o volume de transferência tem estado em uma marcha surpreendentemente estável em direção a US$ 10 trilhões, o que parece provável que seja alcançado no primeiro mês de 2021.

A bitcoin pode ainda não ser a moeda de reserva mundial, e as altas taxas de transação ainda serão um problema para aqueles de nós que fazem transações em valores abaixo de seis dígitos. Mas é difícil negar que algo grande está acontecendo quando um novo produto financeiro movimenta 10 trilhões de dólares em pouco mais de uma década. Mas também, talvez seja apenas uma moda.

DOGE wreszcie wyłamuje się z długotrwałego oporu


  • DOGE handluje pomiędzy długotrwałym wsparciem i oporem na poziomie odpowiednio 0,0036$ i 0,0068$.
  • DOGE prawdopodobnie handluje wewnątrz symetrycznego trójkąta.
  • DOGE/BTC handluje wewnątrz długoterminowego wsparcia przy 16 satoshis.

Cena Dogecoin (DogE) wyłamała się i osiągnęła poziom bliski długoterminowego oporu, który istniał od 2019 roku.

Tak długo, jak długo DogE handluje powyżej, powinien kontynuować wzrost w kierunku poziomów oporu przedstawionych poniżej.

Poziomy długookresowe

Cotygodniowy wykres pokazuje, że DOGE wybił się i osiągnął bliskie położenie powyżej obszaru oporu 0,0036 USD, czego nie robił od początku 2019 roku. Następnie zatwierdził ten poziom jako wsparcie.

Kolejny obszar oporu, utworzony przez wzloty sierpnia 2018 r., wynosi $0,0068.

Wskaźniki techniczne są bycze i wspierają możliwość, że DOGE będzie rajdował i dotrze do tego obszaru.

Wykres dzienny pokazuje drobne poziomy wsparcia i oporu odpowiednio w wysokości $0,0043 i $0,0055. W chwili obecnej, cena była w trakcie odzyskiwania tego pierwszego. Tak długo, jak długo handluje się powyżej tego poziomu, powinna ona nadal rosnąć.

Pomimo znacznych niedźwiedzich rozbieżności w RSI, MACD i Oscylator Stochastyczny są nadal bycze. Co więcej, w wyniku tej dywergencji nastąpił już jej spadek.

Cryptocurrency trader @Mesawine1 nakreślił wykres DOGE, stwierdzając, że cena może wzrosnąć o kolejne 40% do 0,0065$.

Obszar oporu pokrywa się z długoterminowym poziomem, który nakreśliliśmy, a zarówno dzienne jak i tygodniowe wskaźniki wspierają ten ruch wzrostowy.

Przyszły ruch

Spojrzenie na dwugodzinny wykres z dolnego przedziału czasowego pokazuje, że DOGE prawdopodobnie handluje wewnątrz symetrycznego trójkąta. Ponieważ trójkąt ma miejsce po ruchu w górę, jest prawdopodobne, że dojdzie do przełamania. Odczyty MACD również wspierają ten pomysł.

Podczas gdy DOGE początkowo spadł poniżej $0.004 mniejszego obszaru podparcia, czyli 0.618 poziomu retracement Fib, wkrótce potem odzyskał go.

Spadek poniżej ostatniego poziomu 0,0042 $ (czerwona linia) unieważniłby trójkąt i sugerowałby, że DOGE ponownie powróci do poziomu 0,004 $, zanim prawdopodobnie przesunie się wyżej.


Wykres DOGE/BTC pokazuje, że DOGE handluje na obszarze wsparcia 16 satoshi, który działa od lutego 2017 roku. Podąża on również za linią oporu opadającego, jednak nachylenie nie jest całkowicie wyraźne z powodu wielu długich górnych knotów.

Pomimo tak silnego wsparcia, nie ma jeszcze byczych znaków odwrócenia. Tendencję byczą potwierdziłby byczy krzyż w Oscylatorze Stochastycznym i wzrost ceny powyżej tej opadającej linii oporu.

I odwrotnie, cotygodniowe zamknięcie poniżej 16 satoshis prawdopodobnie spowodowałoby, że DOGE przesunąłby się w dół do niedźwiedzich odkryć cenowych.


Podsumowując, DOGE/USD prawdopodobnie wybije się ze swojej obecnej formacji i przesunie się w kierunku $0,0055 i prawdopodobnie $0,0068. Podczas gdy DOGE/BTC jest notowany w ramach wsparcia długoterminowego, nie wykazuje jeszcze żadnych byczych oznak odwrócenia trendu.

OKEx nostaa peruutusjousituksen ja valtavat määrät Bitcoinia siirtyvät pois

Suosittu kryptovaluutanvaihto OKEx oli keskeyttänyt kryptovaluutan nostot viime kuussa sen jälkeen, kun yksi pörssin avainhaltijoista meni „kosketukseen“ ja kaikki „liittyvä valtuutus“ nostolle oli estetty. Nyt lähes kuukauden kuluttua vaihto jatkaa salauksen nostamista. Salausvaihto ilmoitti torstaina postitse, että nostot ovat alkaneet 26. marraskuuta klo 8.00 UTC.

Ilmoitus seuraa kauan odotettua päivitystä pörssistä viime viikolla, jossa se vahvisti, että se käsittelee jälleen salausvaluutan nostoja, ja lisäsi, että Mingxingin osallistuminen viranomaisten tutkimuksiin oli päättynyt ja hän oli palannut normaaliin tapaan.

Vaihdossa sanottiin:

„Tällä hetkellä yksi OKExin yksityisten avainten haltijoista on auttanut viranomaisia ​​aiemmin viitatussa tutkimuksessa. Koko tutkimuksen aikana OKExin ei todettu osallistuneen väärinkäytöksiin tai laittomaan toimintaan, ja yksityisen avaimen haltija on nyt palannut normaaliin liiketoimintaansa. „

Asia päättyy väliaikaisesti

16. lokakuuta pörssi oli todennut, että sen avainhaltija „teki yhteistyötä yleisen turvallisuuden toimiston kanssa“ meneillään olevien „tutkimusten“ suhteen, millä sen mukaan ei ollut mitään tekemistä OKExin kanssa.

Myöhemmin Xu paljasti WeChat-syötteessä, että tutkimukset eivät koskeneet häntä ja että ne liittyivät hänen ostamaansa OKGroupin, Hongkongin pörssiin listatun kuoriyhtiön, jonka Xu osti vuonna 2018, jossa hän toimii ei-toimitusjohtajana. Viime kuussa OKEx oli paljastanut, että se on katkaissut siteet OK-ryhmään.

OKGroup kuitenkin ilmoitti viikonloppuilmoituksessa, että Kiinan julkisen turvallisuuden viranomaisen tutkimus on väliaikaisesti päättynyt. “

OKEx on myös käynnistämässä useita kannustinohjelmia käyttäjilleen pitääkseen käyttäjiä ja lieventääkseen suuria määriä salausta, joka virtaa pörssistä. Vaihto mahdollistaa kuitenkin „rajoittamattomat nostot“, mikä tarkoittaa, että käyttäjät voivat nostaa kokonaan omistuksensa, jos he haluavat.

Pakenee OKEx

Viimeaikaisten tapahtumien perusteella, kun sääntelyviranomaiset ovat torjuneet monia suuria salauksenvaihtoja, asiakkaat eivät usko OKExiin juuri nyt, koska pörssissä tapahtuu valtavia nostoja.

Vain muutama minuutti suspension poistamisen jälkeen valtavat 2822 bitcoinia siirrettiin OKExistä, mikä on ylivoimaisesti suurin yhden lohkon ulosvirtaus toukokuun 2019 jälkeen, lohkoketjuanalyysiyrityksen CryptoQuantin tietoja kohti.

Noin 456 bitcoinia siirrettiin salausvaihto Binanceen ja yli 400 bitcoinia lähetettiin muihin pörsseihin. Samaan aikaan 54 tiliä tai osoitetta otti suoraan haltuunsa joitain kolikoita.

Bitcoin laski myös yli 3000 dollaria torstaina juuri ennen kuin OKEx johtui uudelleenkäynnistyksistä. Ei ole selvää, voivatko nämä kaksi tapahtumaa olla yhteydessä toisiinsa, mutta joidenkin analyytikoiden mukaan tämä on täysin sattumaa.

Elon Musk tweets over bitcoin: een afsluiting van een nieuwe tweet vanaf januari?

Bitcoin is een onderdeel geworden van de reguliere media. Hoewel het misschien vreemd was om een ​​paar jaar geleden bitcoin te tweeten en te bespreken, zagen we de afgelopen maanden een groeiend aantal van de meest invloedrijke figuren en bedrijven erover praten.

Elon Musk is een ervaren Bitcoin Loophole commentator en het is ook bekend dat hij commentaar geeft op enkele andere cryptocurrencies, hoewel het een tijdje geleden is dat hij voor het laatst iets over BTC tweette.

Vandaag, op het hoogtepunt van een rustig weekend, tweette Musk het volgende:

Meteen na zijn tweet steeg de prijs van bitcoin met bijna $ 200 tot $ 23.800, het vroegere hoogste punt ooit op donderdag.

Twintig minuten later tweette Musk een antwoord op zijn oorspronkelijke tweet, waarin hij zei dat hij „Grapje maakte, wie heeft er toch een veilig woord nodig !?“

In januari was Bitcoin niet zijn veilige woord

Musk’s tweets staan ​​bekend om hun vaagheid, of hij nu tweets over TSLA-aandelen te duur, Dogecoin of SpaceX.

De huidige tweet is echter op de een of andere manier gerelateerd aan zijn vorige, toen hij het ook had over de primaire cryptocurrency.

Tien dagen na het huidige jaar 2020 tweette Musk dat „Bitcoin niet mijn veilige woord is.“ Als je de datum vandaag had opgemerkt, is het precies tien dagen voor het einde van 2020. In januari handelde bitcoin ongeveer rond de $ 8.000. Vanaf het moment dat hij zijn tweede tweet schreef, handelt bitcoin op $ 23.800, een dag nadat hij zijn hoogste niveau ooit heeft bereikt van $ 24.200.

Zoals altijd laat zijn tweet ongeveer 40 miljoen Twitter-volgers achter met het stellen van vragen, en het is ongetwijfeld een overwinning voor Bitcoin om weer voor zo’n enorm publiek te verschijnen.

Het is ook interessant om te zien waar de prijzen vanaf hier naartoe gaan en of de cryptocurrency nog een indrukwekkende stap omhoog gaat.

„Bitcoin on paras toivomme“ – MicroStrategyin toimitusjohtaja

Microstrategyin toimitusjohtaja Micheal Saylor on sanonut, että Bitcoin tarjoaa yritykselle mahdollisuuden arvon säilyttäjänä. Hänen mukaansa pelko menettää kaikki inflaatiouhkien vuoksi voidaan kumota sijoittamalla Bitcoiniin, joka voi toimia turvapaikkakassan varaparatiisin.

Edellä mainitusta syystä toimitusjohtaja sanoi „Bitcoin on paras toivomme“ yhdessä viimeisimmistä twiiteistään

Saylor lisäsi, että Microstrategy kävi kauppaa osakkeilla aivan kuten kaikki muutkin yritykset. Mutta ero tässä on se, että mitä he käyvät kauppaa, on Bitcoin, joka on niiden valtion varastoissa.

Kun nykyinen 650 miljoonan dollarin veto Bitcoin Evolution on lisätty Microstrategy-osakkeisiin, yritysomistus BTC: ssä on kasvanut yli miljardiin dollariin.

Yhtiö oli ensin ostanut BTC: n 250 miljoonan dollarin arvosta elokuussa, sitten se osti toisen 175 miljoonan dollarin arvosta, ennen kuin se osti äskettäin uuden salausresurssin 50 miljoonalla dollarilla.

Microstrategy äskettäin 650 miljoonan dollarin Bitcoin-vedonlyönti

MicroStrategy on saanut päätökseen 650 miljoonan dollarin vaihtovelkakirjojen myynnin, joiden korko on 0,750%. Tämän myynnin kautta saatujen varojen odotetaan käyttävän lisää Bitcoinia yritykselle.

Yritys blogikirjoituksessaan jatkoi, että se aikoo sijoittaa tuotetut tulot Bitcoiniin. Ensinnäkin yhtiö poistaisi pääomatarpeet ja muut varat, joita se saattaa tarvita yrityksen toimintaan.

Alkuperäinen tarjous oli 400 miljoonaa dollaria, mutta myöhemmin se korotettiin 550 miljoonaan dollariin. Citi-analyytikot olivat antaneet laskevan puhelun yritykselle sen Bitcoin-verkosta, mutta se ei ole estänyt heitä, koska on vielä 100 miljoonaa dollaria, joka on kiinni.

Yksi hedge-rahasto, joka on nimennyt kykynsä tuottaa valtavia tuottoja, Renaissance Technology on ostanut Microstrategy-osakkeita vuoden alusta lähtien.

Análise de preço do BTC: após bater $ 2K, a recuperação recente do Bitcoin será mantida?

O preço do Bitcoin finalmente começou a se corrigir de sua alta parabólica para novos máximos históricos. Durante o pregão europeu de hoje, vimos a primeira vela horária fechar abaixo do suporte do padrão de cunha ascendente de baixa (linhas amarelas), por volta das 09:00 UTC.

Cunhas crescentes são padrões clássicos de reversão de baixa e normalmente resultam em fortes correçõe

O rompimento desta manhã sinalizou para o resto do mercado que o BTC estava prestes a cair drasticamente e, minutos após o início da nova vela, o preço do bitcoin caiu para mais de $ 980. A forte divergência RSI no gráfico de Bitcoin Pro (linha amarela no RSI) também foi uma forte indicação de que a tendência de alta anterior estava enfraquecendo e que uma correção estava nos cartões em breve.

US $ 47 bilhões foram eliminados durante o pico da reversão, de acordo com dados da Coinmarketcap , que atingiu o valor mínimo de US $ 21.874 antes de ultrapassar US $ 23.000.

Níveis de preços a serem observados no curto prazo

No gráfico horário BTC / USD, podemos ver que o 200-EMA (vermelho) forneceu o forte suporte de que o BTC precisava para recuar contra a tendência de baixa inicial. Desde então, os touros conseguiram encenar uma recuperação em direção ao 50-EMA (azul), que agora está atuando como uma resistência intradiária.

Este ponto também se sobrepõe à resistência superior de uma área chave S / R (barra verde superior) que, até hoje, ajudou a sustentar o preço do Bitcoin na sessão de negociações de ontem. Agora devemos esperar que o BTC recue desta área e continue descendo – a menos, é claro, que um impulso significativo de compra chegue durante o pregão asiático ainda hoje.

Olhando abaixo, olharemos para as seguintes áreas para fornecer oportunidades de recuperação para os comerciantes otimistas durante o resto desta semana;

(1) $ 22.700 – nível de Fibonacci de 0,236 e nível S / R chave.
(2) $ 22.300 – Zona de suporte do bloco de pedidos (segunda barra verde a partir do topo).
(3) $ 21.950 – linha 200 da EMA (vermelha).
(4) $ 21.730 – 0.382 nível de Fibonacci e nível inferior da próxima zona de suporte de bloco de pedido.

Se os touros do Bitcoin puderem ultrapassar a linha 50-EMA no curto prazo, no entanto, o antigo nível de suporte crescente da cunha e a zona vermelha em torno da área de $ 24.000 serão as principais resistências a serem superadas.

Developers secured RSK’s sidedchain by using bitcoin hashreite.

IOVlabs, a developer of the RSK sidechain, changed the way bitcoins are exchanged for the tokenized version of the first rBTC crypt currency. The new system is called Powpeg and uses a bitcoin network hash rate directly as security, reports Bitcoin Magazine.

The Bitcoin Bitcoin Sidechains are alternative blocklocks with tokens tied to the cryptocurrency in a 1:1 ratio. They may use different protocol rules. RSK’s Sidechein uses a large part of the Ethereum network rules, including full Turing smart contracts.

The rBTC tokens are extracted using combined mining, and today almost all of the largest mining pools are involved in this process. Using existing computing power, they produce RSK Side Chain Blocks, which are rewarded with transaction fees.

To issue rBTCs, the real bitcoins are sent to a multi-subscribed address controlled by 12 parties, after which an equivalent amount of rBTCs is issued using a smart contract. You can release the bitcoins by sending the corresponding number of rBTC coins to the address.

The keys to the multi-subscribed addresses are held by a „federation“ of industry representatives, originally consisting of 24 companies. However, technically they may have conspired to steal money from the address to which they have the keys.

The new system involves a wider group of key holders (Pegnatories) and automates the process with PowHSM, special hardware security modules.

Now that users send the bitcoins to a multi-signed wallet, they generate proof of the transaction and send it to the PowHSM. Once they have received the proof, the modules transfer the rBTC to the respective user.


As before, it will only be possible to release the bitcoins after the corresponding number of rBTCs has been sent to the address, but now after 4000 confirmations in the RSK network (about 200 confirmations in the bitcoin block). The PowHSM modules will also monitor compliance with this rule (RSK Simplified Payment Verification).

As stated by Sergio Lerner, co-founder of RSK and IOVlabs Director of Innovation, the unique Powpeg system, which he also calls „vetoocracy“, is very important, as a decentralised financial system must be based on exceptional security.

Recall that RSK’s core network has been in operation since January 2018. Sidechein supports all types of Ethereum transactions and smart contracts. And given the growing popularity of the decentralised finance sector, IOVlabs hopes that DeFi services will also be available via RSK in the bitcoin network.