24. September 2023

Polygon and Rariko Set to Build Next-Gen Blockchain-Based Social Platforms

• Polygon (MATIC) network continues to attract DeFi projects with a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $1.18 billion
• Rariko has announced a strategic partnership with AcknoLedger, to provide seamless UX for NFT transfers
• Rariko protocol intends to build social interaction platforms like Twitter or Facebook but bases its infrastructure on blockchain technology

Polygon Network Attracts DeFi Projects

The Polygon (MATIC) network continues to be the preferred choice for next-gen decentralized financial applications (DeFi), particularly those related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to the latest market data, the Polygon network boasts hundreds of DeFi apps with a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $1.18 billion. Some popular DeFi projects on the network include AAVE, Quickswap, Balancer and Uniswap V3.

Rariko’s Strategic Partnership with AcknoLedger

Rariko, a wallet communication protocol built on the Polygon network, has announced a strategic partnership with AcknoLedger – a global consortium that maps, monetizes and distributes Web3 digital assets. This partnership will enable Rariko to provide seamless UX for NFT transfers while allowing AcknoLedger easily engage and grow their community. Besides being compatible with all EVM chains and Solana networks, Rariko’s automated communities also offer instant token-gated access along with real-time asset authentication (RTAA) and Anti- Phishing checks.

Rariko Protocol Building Social Interaction Platforms

The Rariko protocol aims to build social interaction platforms similar to Facebook and Twitter but based on blockchain technology. Its compatibility with all EVM chains as well as Solana make it an attractive platform for developers who are keen on building powerful decentralized applications that leverage blockchain technology. Furthermore, its automated communities have instant token-gated access along with anti-phishing features which makes it even more secure than traditional platforms.

Potential of the Platform

The potential of the Rariko platform is immense due to its compatibility across multiple networks and ability to offer seamless user experience when it comes to exchanging NFTs through chats and earning activity-based rewards. Additionally, as more projects migrate onto Polygon there’ll be plenty of opportunities for integrations between different platforms resulting in faster scalability solutions for Rariko users down the line..


In conclusion, the partnership between AcknoLedger and Rariko is likely going to benefit both companies greatly by enabling them access new markets and giving them exposure amongst existing ones. With such collaborations set up in place it could open avenues for further integration between different platforms which could result in some interesting use cases in near future leveraging blockchain technology effectively